Impressions of St. Kitts and St. Martin

Basse Terre the capital of St. Kitts

We only checked in there and bought some groceries. It was unbearable to stay there longer as the anchorage was a roller coaster. After finishing our errands ashore we headed to White House Bay a couple of miles south east.

White House bay

We finally got hold of these little fellows. We’ve seen a few of them already in Nevis but I never managed to picture them. This time we managed as we knew if you see one there will be a whole family close by.

And a few more pics of Basse Terre

We had to check out and again got some fresh groceries. We spent a few hours ashore and then left to the northern tip of St. Kitts, Sandy Point to have a calmer anchorage and a shorter trip to St. Martin.

St. Martin or Sint Maarten

We anchored at the french side of the island St. Martin at Marigot bay as the french check in was much easier than the dutch entry procedure. In 2017 hurricane Irma devastated especially the french side of the island. It often still looked very sad ashore but even more shocking was the fact how many boats were sunken or completely damaged. The Lagoon was filled with wrecks.

Some pics from the Dutch side

The last impressions of Marigot

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