Locations and Tracks


There are various ways to see our current location.

  • HAM/Amateur radio
    I do report our actual position by HF radio during longer multi-day passages and as soon as we arrive somewhere.
    Please click on HAM Positionreport for this.
    The red flag shows our latest position and when you hover (not click) over the dots you’ll see the exact coordinates and minor information I provided.
    It shows all our reported positions of the last year. If you’d like to see the whole trip so far, please refer to the google maps outline further below.
  • Alternatively, you can check one of the free vessel AIS tracking systems such as Marinetraffic Altimate. Just use the previous link or go on Marinetraffic and search for the German flagged vessel named “ALTIMATE”.
    Please be aware that AIS tracking only works if our UHF radio signal is being received by an appropriate UHF land station, though there might be some coverage and availability gaps as soon as we are farer away from the coast. We experienced already pretty big coverage gaps in the north of Spain.