If you want to know where we are right now, you can check one of the free vessel AIS tracking systems such as Marinetraffic Altimate. Just use the previous link or go on Marinetraffic and search for the German flagged vessel “ALTIMATE”.

Please be aware that AIS tracking only works if our UHF radio signal is being received by an appropriate UHF land station, though there might be some coverage and availability gaps. Just as a rule of thumb, if we get further away from the coast e.g. like more than 20 nm, the AIS webpages might not provide the latest position anymore.

Alternatively you could use Yachtfinder where I’ll report our position via HAM radio more or less regulary.

Screenshot 2019-04-13 at 13.51.55

You need to enter my call sign KG5VSG into the finder box in the upper left corner to get our latest position. Or you click on HAM Positionreport.