Hi y’all,

we’ve been thinking about moving on our boat for quite some time, basically since we have bought “Altimate”, an OVNI 365 sailing boat, in 2016.

From 2016 until 2018 we lived in Austin and we had to travel back to Europe for our sailing vacations on Altimate. This blog started with the desire to share these first adventures on Altimate with our friends and family members.

In September 2018, we had the heart to dissolve our household and to move on Atlimate making our dream come true exploring the world by sailing.

We’ll spend the winter 2018/2019 on Altimate in the old harbour of La Rochelle at the French Atlantic coast. Spring 2019 we’ll leave La Rochelle heading towards Spain, Portugal, Canary Islands, Cape Verde Islands, Caribbean…. we’ll see.

Have fun reading !!!


Sabine & Norbert