Back in Bourgenay :-)

After a roller coaster August in Austin with all the stuff coming up like getting rid off all our furnitures and goods, cars, scooter and personel stuff you can’t take on a boat, we made it finally to Bourgenay by September 10th.

BIG THANK YOU to all our friends in Austin, helping us during this time and making it hard saying good bye. We’ll miss weired Austin with its friendly people and great live music everywhere and at any time. We’ll also miss our favorite neighbors, our always helpful RV park couple, our crazy friends, our Itron friends, our favorite teacher, our best teacher, our Esl-family and all our friends, buddies and mates who made our stay in Austin so much fun.

IMG_4474After 8 hours of move out sale

IMG_3648 01Move-out sale never ends 🙂

IMG_4521Last “Texan” lunch at the river

IMG_4482Nice view on downtown Austin

IMG_3708Margarita time

IMG_3714Thanks to our neighbours for the dinner out of the smoker

We happily arrived at Bourgenay late afternoon on Monday. Due to our jetlag the following two days which were packed with preparation work on the boat passed by in a blurred perception. Wednesday Altimate was taken back into the  water ( yes 🙂 ) and we could move into our new home. What a relief! after spending almost two weeks in hotels we were so happy to be able to cook again and just being home. Immediately the usual daylife  started, groceries, cleaning , washing… , nice. We even had time for some nice walks.

IMG_0124Back again .. the Atlantic Ocean

IMG_4550Heavy lifting

IMG_4553Our berth for the first couple of days for preparations and …

IMG_4590repairs.. 🙂

IMG_4563Enjoying the landscape and ..

IMG_4573… the food and …

IMG_4586..some old stones..

IMG_4612in different formatios.

IMG_4616And of course the beach !!

3 thoughts on “Back in Bourgenay :-)

  1. kianbro25

    Habt eine gute Zeit und welcome back in Europe. Gott sei Dank könnt ihr euch ja an son solchen profanen Dingen wie Kochen auch erfreuen…… .😊 Macht eine Lichterkette an und das Leben erscheint viel heller. Grüsse aus Cala Figuera. Kissy und Alex


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