Port de Bourgenay (12. – 15. July 2018)

We left La Rochelle early for the final 30 sm trip to Port Bourgenay. Even the best holidays do come to an end and the last day sailing was sweetened with great wind and waves.



The marina was pretty busy and strong winds were pushing from the back. So we provided some entertainment (aka: “harbour movie”) to the already arrived boats with our maneuvers. We found a nice place alongside to a bigger steel yacht and were joined later by a very nice British couple, who spend the summer on the boat (Beryl Grey, Plymouth) and the winter on Cyprus. They’ve been doing this already for the last 5 years. We think it’s as well a nice way of living, right?!



The next 2 days were stuffed with preparing Altimate for storage, means cleaning, taking off the sails, the bimini, sprayhood and tons of other stuff.



In between Sabine was making friends 🙂



Jana was heading to Paris on Saturday and we stood over night at Nantes airport before heading back to Germany (Sabine) and Austin (Norbert) on Monday.

It’s always a strange feeling leaving your boat alone far away from where you are. But we are sure the local company will take care of her. Altimate will be taken out of the water on Monday to wait for our next adventure.



We’ll pause with the blog now until we’ll be back on the boat.

Hope y’all enjoyed the reading and we appreciate any feedback.

4 thoughts on “Port de Bourgenay (12. – 15. July 2018)

  1. dianitagranda

    Spend your summer there would be wonderful I am happy for both of you. In fact, your adventures inspire me. Sabine is always making fiends that is nice, I love that pictures. lololol


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