Ile de Ré (7./8. July 2018)


In the late afternoon we anchored in a bay at Ile de Ré. And as it was quite a hot day we all enjoyed a jump into the very cold blue. (At least it cools you down within seconds 😉 ). We closed the day with el capitano’s pizza.


Sunday we decided to stay at Ile de Ré to explore the island with rented bicycles. It was a nice workout with beautiful views along the coast side to Saint-Martin-de-Ré. Somehow it felt a bit like being in the Netherlands as there were soooo many cyclists.

Saint-Martin is a very interesting little harbor-town with a kind of circle port which probably used to be a very important harbor in the early days…


After an energy giving lunch and some small shopping we headed back to where we were, Anse de Martray. Pretty exhausted we enjoyed a lazy evening with another amazing sunset. You can’t watch too much of them :-), can you? And then the best kids spoiled us with serving a fantastic dinner.


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