Ile d’Aix (9. July 2018)



The kids were still asleep as we lifted the anchor heading to Ile d’Aix an island 19 miles away to have another stopover to finally get to La Rochelle where Benoit was going to leave us to go back to Paris. It was a great sailing trip and just when we thought it can’t be better – our friends came by again J. Jana was so excited to finally see some dolphins while sailing! And I think we actually got some pics from our friends – yes!

DSCN1622Trim_MomentWe tried hard and in the movie it looks better and we promise to improve 🙂

Soon after we arrived at Ile d’Aix (the book says that it was here that Napoleon last stood on French soil before being transported to St. Helena) we dropped the anchor. Our Dinghy (any Ideas for a name yet?) took us ashore to have a look around the area. By the time we reached the lighthouse we saw Altimate in the bay holding on to the anchor in a strange way. She was lying against the wind which really looked (and was) unusual. The current was much stronger then the wind that was the reason but we didn’t feel comfortable like this so we decided to move her around the corner to a visitors’ buoy close to Pointe Sainte–Catherine. Like this we had a relaxing night with no worries to think about.









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