Ile d’ Yeu ( 2.-4. July )


In between our leg to Noirmoutier we changed our minds and decided to head to another island called Ile d´Yeu. The Reason was the lack of winds which were not very promising for the next couple of days too. As we anyhow wanted to travel to this island we thought it is nicer to explore at least one of the two islands than spending two days motoring ;). The only exciting moment to spare on this trip was, that the dolphins kept their promise and came back to greet us 🙂 yeeeeepeeeee! Now we thought we were prepared with our waterproof camera – it turned out the camera wasn’t prepared… don’t know what happened but it didn´t work :-(, so no pics again.

Finally we arrived at Ile d´Yeu Port Joint-ville. It was pretty late so we were told to go alongside a big beautiful Swiss Amel SY. Just when we were fixed, the owner of the boat told us he would leave very early in the morning and unless we want to get up as well early he suggested to move to another place. So we moved Altimate next to an English boat belonging to a very nice old couple who helped us getting alongside. The poor guys told us that they were towed in the day before because their motor broke down and now they were waiting for a mechanic to come. The next morning the mechanic fortunately came but told them the motor did suck water – which means taking the boat out of the water and spending a lot of money… but even worth for them it was not possible to do it here at Ile d´Yeu. At least they found somebody to tow them out of the port early the next morning so they could sail to Les Sables d´Olonnes to get the boat fixed. We wish them all the best.

Our Tuesday started with a little walk to town getting some groceries and moving Altimate to a berth ( because our English friends asked us to, so it was easier for them to get towed in the morning). And just like this, the day was already gone again 🙂 we enjoyed an awesome fish-dish ( this time for a change I was the chef 😉 ) and made it to a bar where we managed to watch the second half of another awful, (even though it was not Germany :-)) football game. England / Colombia, England won – but how???  I didn’t want to talk about football anymore, did I?

Our next destination was Les Sables d´Olonnes because Jana and Benoit are joining us – Yuchuuuuuu 🙂 – from here.

Heading there was a rather short trip with very low winds so nothing much to tell about – only of course our sweet friends the dolphins came by again – they really want to get pictured I think :-). We did it (the pics), but not very good – so we need some more tries… cross fingers next time so we’ll get a perfect shot.

Thursday late Jana and Benoit arrived and before we prepared their little room, the boat and of course did more provisioning. El Capitano even polished the chrome 😉 whereas I was cleaning more the inside of the boat …

And here they are, both of them and what is utoday – guess what? Yes! Football! France against Uruguay

Cross fingers

In case you have missed it… there are plenty of additional pictures under “Galerie”.


One thought on “Ile d’ Yeu ( 2.-4. July )

  1. noriamchen

    Das liest sich ja wie ein Buch, auch wenn ich nicht jedes einzelne Wort verstehe..😅😇
    Wo oder besser gesagt wie… finde ich denn die Galerie?


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