Ile d’Hoëdic

Saturday morning we left our sweet little spot Ile d’Houat for a short jump to the sister island called Ile d’Hoëdic – just to find another fancy tiny French island. The bay, where we wanted to stay, was pretty crowded so we needed some time to find the right place to let the anchor go. Nothing much to do but enjoying the picturesque surrounding we decided to give the world championship another try. Why not joining the French supporters in France? Easily we found one of the few bars of the island and of course they were prepared to show the match. And here we go, we had a blast!


It feels so much better to support a winning team … :-).
I´m sure y’all know the French beat Argentina (!!!!) 4:3. After the match and congratulating the French supporters we happily explored the little village, found a small grocery store and bought some food. Buying food is always a pleasure in France, even here being in a rather rural place, we found a beautiful duck breast ( and of course lots of other good stuff). Being back on the boat my captain, well this time my chef de cuisine  treated us with the delicious duck breast a l’orange, petit beans and of course vin rouge. Yammi!

As nice as the day was as loud and scary was the night. There was so much thunder, lightning, heavy rain and wind. Even though our anchor did really held on tight we spent quite a while outside because we were concerned that we might hit another boat which came pretty close when the wind changed direction and the tide was very low. Fortunately nothing happened ( maybe we are a bit too cautious? ) but the lack of sleep was definitely there.

The next morning everything looked as if nothing had happened so we took our dinghy – ( I need to baptize the dinghy , I have to think of an appropriate name ) – to go ashore  to get some fresh “baguette tradition et pain au chocolat”. It was again a beautiful sunny day which we spend with doing….nothing. Well I tried to work on my new project: the Blog, but with no internet it didn´t  work out. Thanks for that good excuse, so relaxing was the main duty for the day. Late in the afternoon, we decided to walk around the island, which was a nice workout with amazing views and impressions.

By the time we came back in the evening we could see the weekend came to an end for our French guys ( we feel sorry for all the people who start to work on Monday again 🙂 ). Almost all the boats in the bay were gone which we enjoyed very much and we felt again a bit more like real explorers.

Now we are on our way to Ile Noirmoutier.  A trip of around 34 nautical miles further south. We had a fairly good start considering the ugly rain at the beginning but it did come with nice winds. Quickly the rain stopped but the wind died too, so we were able to make our batteries happy again by running the engine.

Karl-Otto also couldn´t find a fish so far, well we´ll see what is going to happen …




One thought on “Ile d’Hoëdic

  1. noriamchen

    Ich hab‘s geschafft 💪 euch zu folgen, wenn auch spät 😀!
    Sehr schön geschrieben, ich verstehe englisch passiv sehr gut 😇 und bin in Gedanken mit euch gereist … die Entenvrust hätte ich aber auch gerne in Echt gegessen und natürlich den Vino 😂!
    Wie ist das denn jetzt? Könnt nur ihr diesen Kommentar lesen ( was ich schwer hoffe) oder alle Follower???
    LG Mariönchen


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