Impressions of Linton and San Blas with the kids

Jana arrived!!! Yipppeeeee

She arrived late December 8th.

Horse riding

As we had to stay in Linton longer than planned, we took the advantage of having more time and went on an amazing horse riding trip. We went along a river inside the beautiful shore land of the national park Chagres

Breeding Jacobo and jumping dolphins in the anchorage at Linton

We happen to run into the owner of “Del Istmo Conservation Center” Jacobo Lacs. While we were gathering together with some friends at the marina bar at Linton two guys joined us for half an hour and chatted with us. It turned out to be that one of the guys was the owner of what the sailors always just called “the zoo”. Nobody seemed to know much about it only that it seemed not to be open for public. Well, they left and after a few minutes the second guy came back and asked all of us weather we’d be interested to see Jacobos zoo. He’ d invited us to come over for a drink. Curious as we were, we all jumped in our dinghies and rode over to his (of course private) pantoon. He had a crazy big estate. He showed us some of his property and explained a little what he was doing. We learned that he was the founder of this breeding facility and that he was an expert in breeding parrots and other birds. His facility provides a home for 450 birds and subspecies (what ever that means) and 50 species of mammals including Panther. That was all very interesting but for us sailors the best part was his generous providing of delicious vine. I don’t know but he seemed to like our company because he brought bottle after bottle and later even made some nice cheese and sausage platter with the help of Jana. It was for sure a very interesting and unexpected evening.

late at night somebody brought a dehydrated bird, Jacobo took care of it and some of us assisted him; that was for sure an unexpected experience!
that was just crazy!!!!, the dolphins jumping around in the anchorage; that was a lucky day!!!

Our trip to the airport to get the anchor winch out of customs

Linton with the 4 of us

Luis arrived late Tuesday the 14th of December. After the hassle with the winch I showed Luis the area while El Capitano was mounting the winch. Jana still had to work until Friday so I took Luis to the “love channel”, the mangrove pass to Panamarina.

Off to San Blas.

As soon as Jana has finished working we set off. Our first destination was Chiquita bay. An unspectacular anchorage 20 miles further east of Linton. Quite rolly but it shortened our way to the San Blas. Early next morning we headed to Waisaladup West Holandes Cays.

Photo session Altimate crew

More pics of Waisaladup

Central Holandes, Hot Tub and Banedup


We stayed a couple of days at the hot tub and then moved over to Banedup. Here we had met Ruffian again and many more boats. We did a lot of snorkelling and had a X-mas bbq at the beach with many sailors.


We did not take much fotos🤷‍♀️.

Trip up the river with Mola Lisa

Mola Lisa is known for making the best Molas in Guna Yala but she also provides guided tours through the jungle up to a waterfall. The 25th of December we moved Altimate to another anchorage, to Isla Pandorra close to shore. Here we were picked up by Lisa and her friend to get to the entrance of Rio Sidra. It was 20 min ride by canoe to reach the river and another 15 min to finally start our walk through the jungle. A beautiful walk and a complete different world compared to island life. So many different plants, trees and sounds. Lisa guided us to her family grave yard and showed us plants and some wildlife. At the waterfall we had a little lunch and we could jump into the water. That was great! (El Capitano was the only one who chickened out😉.) The way back was mostly swimming, sliding or walking through the water. So much fun, especially being in fresh water for a change.

The jumps

Some drone pics

(Late) Xmas greetings from the Altimate Crew

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