Impressions of San Blas

Island hopping from Achutupo.


A day at Mono Island, at San Ignacio de Tulipe and then 3 days at Aridup before heading to Nargana and reaching Green Island and the surrounding islands…

San Ignacio de Tulipe

This was a slightly bigger island where it was possible to connect to wifi. That was the reason for us to stop as I wanted to get in touch with my parents. We also had a stroll around and were impressed by the prosperity of this island. They even had a bank!!! No proof as I didn’t dare to take pics. They had a fairly modern bridge connecting the main island with a smaller one which looked like a school project or something similar.


The guide book said it was a great snorkelling area which was absolutely true, but it also mentioned it to be just a day anchorage. We disagreed completely as the anchor hold well and it was very calm. The reason why we didn’t want to leave.

Green Island and Waisaladup

Nargana was not a nice island so we only stopped for the night and left early to get to Green Island only a few miles further.

Coco Bandero Cays

The anchorage in East Holandes called the “Swimming pool”

East Lemon Cays

A pretty anchorage in shallow water. We stayed only for a night as it was rather busy.

Lemon Cays

We had a two day stop in between several reefs within this island group. It sounded nice but the Island Tiadup was disappointing. They do have a few apartments to rent but they did not look very well after their island. It looked dirty and half cleared. At least they had a small reception and bar and they were very friendly.The world champion ship soccer games were on. Rather for fun we asked if they would watch football as we saw a small tv. Very surprisingly to us they said yes and they even said they would be happy to invite us for watching. We certainly had not expect watching soccer at the San Blas. Very kind people!

Chichime, just north of the Eastern Lemon Cays

A small island which nowadays accommodates a few tourists. We stayed two nights and then took of to Linton Bay.

Linton Bay

this duck was always sitting there and moving with the music😂

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