Impressions of Anse La Roche

Gorgeous little anchorage with an amazingly good restaurant

Even more impressive as the beach is that the bay is only reachable either through a quite steep path from uphill or by boat. The guys have to carry everything down to the beach or they use a small boat for their deliveries. Both ways not easy!

A hike to Hillsborough and back

We chose a Sunday to have an excursion. Not a smart decision as the busses were only in service for people participating a worship. Our plan was to walk to Hillsborough and then take the bus back to Bogles, to safe us a part of the way. Well, after a nice refreshment at Kayak Cafe in Hillsborough we were energised enough to walk the whole way back. A little hot but all in all very nice.

After a long walk a well deserved dinner

The last few days in Anse La Roche for the time being

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