Impressions of Las Palmas #2

proud kids showing their catch of the day, see below
what a big catch
close to Santa Brigada on our way to Tejeda
just arrived in Tejeda walking down to the village
somewhere …
the village
a park
the view to the lower part of the town
and the promenade
church on the left and police on the right
a typical steep road
a banister
😋 yammi dulces
shaped bougainvilla
typical street view
almond tree still in bloom
and here already the growing fruit
beautiful flowers and in the background Roque Nublo- I think
some palm trees have just been to the “palmdresser” and get their leaves dry blown
a late afternoon at a little industrial village…
which was much nicer than expected
trying to fix all the loose seams on our sprayhood
it was hard to get pics in the dark
but some turned out ok
a queen ,not a drag queen
another queen
and a palm
and the high heels of some of the drag queens
after the parade
along the promenade to reach the marina
in the marina
the entrance of the marina in day light looking west
a what? …at the funeral of the sardine
a try to catch the spirit of the carnival weekend

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