Impressions of Las Palmas and surroundings

in the historical centre of Las Palmas, Vegueta
typical pedestrian street in Vegueta
just a building I liked
the little beach next to the marina
in the northern part of LP, a church with no name
the modern area …
with an ugly hotel
Playa de las Canteras , the huge town beach on the west side of LP
a lazy seagull
a stop for a coffee in a cafe next to the beach
amazing sand art
and the promenade at las Canteras
Our trip around the island, in the park at Aldea San Nicolas…
strolling around the park
on our way to Mogán,
at a short stop
changing landscape
still very dry
Puerto Mogán; the marina in the back…
and the beach
some crazy fast cyclists spinning down hill
Calima air
f…ing dirty
poor Altimate
a lot of rocking in the marina due to Calima
looked nice but was closed
heading to
the volcanic
peek of
to see the crater
La Atalaya,
a little
potter town
in the mountains
wall art
and nice views, if the air is not polluted through Calima
with its empty centre
so many camels in Agüimes
as well as dancing queens?
with some more disguised fellows

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