Impressions of December

on our way to Arrecife, in the background some of the volcanic peaks
our stay sail, which is hard to see as we tried to sail in this situation with both fore sails

a little farmers market every Saturday in Arrecife next to the church
the pedestrian area in town
x-mas swans at the marina Lanzarote
“Puente de las Bolas”, is one of the symbols of Arrecife. It was built in the 18th century, a drawbridge, which along with its cannons was the key in keeping pirats and other raiders out. Today it leads its way to the Castle …
Castillo San Gabriel, History museum of Arrecife
walking along the quayside to reach the…
beach of Arrecife
the view to the beach from the other side, a mile behind the high rise (I think that is the only high we’ve seen so far) is the marina
on our way to get a car , direction airport. In the background some of Lanzarotes’ volcanic peaks
still on our way west, typical houses
Playa Honda
One more pic from our dear, crazy Canadian friends Shelley and James,
Orzala, the town at the northern tip of the island
the little harbour , very difficult to enter
El Capitano happy, knowing he was getting lunch soon
at the “mirador del Río” with the view to La Graciosa and the other small islands north west of Lanzarote
one can see the little harbour ” Caleta de Sebo” La Graciosa. We anchored further west in a bay which one can’t see🤷‍♀️
the east end of Graciosa
at the north west coast watching south
Las Salinas de Janubio …
in the south west part of Lanzarote
I think that was as well a sculpture from Manrique at the shop of the Salinas
crazy rural landscape heading up to El Golfo
with tough waves on one side
and volcanic peeble
on the other side
reaching El Golfo
the beach “Charco del los Clicos”
with its famous “Charco verde” it is a small green lake, formed in the crater of an old volcano. It owes its colour to some algae which grow there. BUT one can’t see it in this pic🤪 it is behind the red rock in the middle
the beach again
in our back there is the lake 🤣, don’t know why we missed to take a photo of it
on our way back to Arrecife somewhere in the middle of the island “San Bartolomé”
preparing for x-mas , winter clothing


finally in Leipzig and directly to a fancy little Christmas market
I read a smiley out of my tea leaves
We used to have so many of them, haven’t seen them for a long time chewing gum device
the main x-mas market of Leipzig
Loads of presents and the tree
My dad enjoying his …
funny self made and baked (by Luis) present
The feast 😋
El Capitano looking after Luisitos’ car
a walk at “Baldeneysee” our old home
it is beautiful!
party and loooooong dinner at New years eve

that was more my focus 😁
Alex preparing the soup and the ladies chatting…
or drinking
our last course
I just love this pic, sorry Wolfgang
no words needed

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