Impressions of La Graciosa

a white heron
the cliffs belong to Lanzarote, the white cubes are the houses of Caleta
that is at the north west side of La Graciosa where the waves are
in the back ground another stony island
looking south
and catching the waves
a happy surfer
in Caleta the marina
very amazing beach art
soft sand at low tide
our anchorage
another angle
a cosy protected place
looking north of Caleta and again Lanzarote in the back ground
somebody tried to grow some plants…
that could also be in Texas, I thought
the greenest part of the island
and a purring cat
what kind of plant is that?
bye bye La Graciosa
hello Lanzarote
little optimist sailors in the big ocean
our anchorage close to Rubicon
if you look sharp you can see Altimate
Hotels and apartments Rubicon
a huge winter rose
marina Rubicon
birds on cactus while sitting in a cafe
anchoring with sails up, this is what an American single handed sailor always very relaxed does; I forgot his name but we met him as well in Porto Santo; and we were already impressed when he anchored close to us; here we saw him by chance when we strolled at the marina Rubicon
the lighthouse with a bar next door
the view of the beach in the evening taken from Altimate

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