Impressions of Turtle cay marina and Panama City

Some scary belated pics of our new years eve party

A last stroll at the beach of Bug island /Banedup including beach art

A stop at Iskardup

we caught up there with Alex, Mike and Theo from Basta. That was a nice though very short reunion. We went together to the small island which was called Guasirdup. They offer day tours and accomodation. They had two or three nice huts for visitors. Still, I was more interested in the cute kids.

Turtle Cay Marina

Panamá City

We started our tour in Casco Viejo, (Old Compound) as it was as well our starting point from the food tour.The guide book said: “Since after the destruction of the old city in 1671, the city was moved a little south west to a rocky peninsula. It was easier to defend against ships due to protecting surrounding reefs and because of a massive wall. The reason for its name. In 1904 when the construction of the Canal began all of Panamá City existed was Casco Viejo. When the bounderies grew and the city expanded further east, the elite abandoned Casco Viejo and it fast deteriorated into a slum. Declared a Unesco World Heritage Site in 2003 the area got attractive and international recognition. Money was invested and crumbling fascades have been mostly replaced. The newly restored architecture gives a sense of how magnificent the neigborhood must have looked in past years.” Now it is home to a number of boutique eateries and European-inspired cafes. Or short: very touristic and expensive. It was nice but we prefered the surrounding more authentic places where Ana, the guide, took us.

One thought on “Impressions of Turtle cay marina and Panama City

  1. Ely Shemer

    loved your post.
    That is what I think
    Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great time at the party and exploring different locations in Panama. The greenery and diverse architecture are both stunning.
    Thanks, Ely Shemer


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