Impressions of Cartagena I

From Santa Marta to Cartagena, we had a stop at Rodadero and Puerto Valero


Our first evening in Cartagena

Dismantling of the steering pedestal

We did not explore a lot of Cartagena. Most of the time we were working on Altimate to get our projects done. Still of course sometimes we sneaked out of the marina and jumped into the bustling city.

Some more projects…

After all the work was done we went out for a free city tour with Ruffian. That turned out to be the most boring tour ever. We sneaked out of the group and had a coffee instead. Result was I only took two pics

Leaving Club de Pesca to sail to Manzanillo Marina Club to do the big refit

Fortunately we had an airbnb back in Manga. The nice quarter were also Club de Pesca was located. Manzanillo was a rather scary area to be. The Marina was safe but the surrounding was not safe at all. Especially after sunset it was recommended not to be outside as some narcos groups were controlling the area. So we just came and left by taxi, like everybody else. Not interested in any trouble. I was the lucky one as most of the time I stayed in Manga. It didn’t make sense that the two of us would be at the marina as the work was mostly done by the marina staff. My duty was already buying non-perishable groceries for provisioning, preparing some other sewing projects and looking after El Capitano when he came back late at night😉.

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