Impressions of Europe

I thought the “Glück” pic fitted perfectly for the featured image. “Glück” means “happiness” and that was what we felt being back home and hopefully will the freshly married couple feel most of their life. How poetic of me 🤣. I took the picture at my friend Marion’s place. She placed “Glück” for everybody to see and enjoy in her entry hall. It looked amazing I loved it!

Netherland Burg Haamstede


A bicycle trip around the area

Back in Essen

The wedding!!!!!

Some random pics of Aachen

Here is what Aachen tourist service explains about the fountain: “The “Kugelbrunnen” opens into full bloom in eight minutes. In Aachen, water and technology are close companions. The artist Albert Sous from Würselen took this to heart in 1977, and constructed a fountain from old washing machine drums which is made to move by a hydraulic system which is purely mechanically operated using water pressure. In just a few minutes, the ball becomes a large flower, creating an unusual work of art in the middle of the inner city. It can be found in front of the Aquis Plaza.”

Some random pics from Paris

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