Impressions of Guadeloupe

Saint Louis at Marie Galante/Guadeloupe

We walked along a beautiful trail which explained some nature highlights

And suddenly in between the trail we passed a scrap yard- soooo funny

Saint François at La Grande Terre/Guadeloupe, the north east wing

Basse-Terre the capital of Guadeloupe

From the anchorage at Rivière-Sens a surprisingly nice waterfront walkway runs to the Capital Basse-Terre. We walked the 2km into town and enjoyed the comfortable walkway and its view.

Pigeon Island and finally some underwater pictures

The walk with Kellianne and Ty at the national park

Shopping groceries 2 km south of the anchorage

Our last day in Le Basse Terre was a fun day!

As all of the locals we asked, told us there was no bus running to Deshaies in the north of Le Basse-Terre and at the same time told us we could hitch hike, we gave it a try. We gave us 30 min. When we wouldn’t have had a lift by then we would have just gotten back to Altimate. But after maybe 15 min, two lovely young french girls stopped for us gave us a lift- yeah! They were very nice and went straight to the botanical garden just before Deshaies. That was a very lucky shot and we were thrilled being so adventures🤣. After visiting the botanical garden we walked down the two km to the village of Deshaies. A lovely village with a beautiful anchorage. We have been here before. A long time ago when we were still chartering and just rushing through the islands. A nice recall how lucky we are now.
However we had a simple though delicious lunch at a beach bar in Deshaies and a quick walk around the village. Being a bit nervous about our return we started to think about our strategy to head back to Altimate. On our way to find a good place to hitchhike we also passed a bus. We asked the driver weather there was a bus going to our destination Bouillante. He didn’t really know 🤣, but asked another bus driver who was just passing. This guy told us we could take his line, but we need to wait about 45 minutes. While waiting for him we also tried to hitchhike. Quite a few people stopped, but they were all only going a few km in our direction and being new to hitchhiking, we preferred the “easier” possibility. The bus came and we jumped in. We were the only guests and the driver told us that if we want to go to Bouillante we need to change two times the busses. Hahaha and we thought that would be easier. In the end it was but it didn’t sound like it would be. He brought us to the end of his line and explained that the next bus would come soon. It did, the next driver was as nice as the first one and took us to his end bus station. Then he said we needed to wait for the next bus, but he would wait with us. So nice! Everybody was looking after us! After a quarter of an hour he said jump in I’ll take you to your bus. That was only a couple of hundreds of meter away but he wanted to make sure that we got into the bus . So sweet! So after another 15 minutes ride we were back were we started… such a nice experience!

the two sweet french girls who gave us a lift

The Botanical Garden


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