Impressions with Jana & Benoît

The first week with Jana

Walli and Lutz were so kind to lend us their car to pick up Jana from the airport. That was really nice! Unfortunately the weather god was not as nice. As closer Jana came as worse got the weather. By the time we reached the airport it was just pouring down. Jana would not be amused about it…

Jana hard working at Anse de Saline

Jana & Benoît, Anse Saline, Les Anses d Arlets

After Saline we headed to Grand Anse d ‘Arlet, but only a night later we got kicked out of the bay by the authorities. We were still able to get the kids ashore to start their diving lessons but then we had to move around the corner to Anse d’ Arlet. Fortunately we knew that it was not a long walk to the other beach. Only a few weeks before we anchored there and nobody seem to mind. Now they asked us to take a buoy or leave. Anchoring was no longer allowed. The rouble was there were only a few buoys left and all occupied. There used to be a lot of buoys but they have all disappeared…

Anse à l’Àne

good kids writing post cards on their stop at Schoelcher

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