More impressions of Martinique

Some pics from our Autogyro flight the 10th of Feb. 2022

It was just a pity that we weren’t allowed to stay at the airfield. Only El Capitano managed to catch a few shots while he was leaving the manoeuvring area. We would have loved to get some pics from the departure or the landing.

that was Norbert’s autogyro flight

Fort de France

Exploring Martinique by car with Andrea and Andreas 14.-17.02.22

Sacre Coeur de Martinique

It was not at all as impressive as Sacre Coeur, but as we passed it anyhow we as well took some pics…

The tropical garden “Jardin de Balata”

Heading to Le Precheur and passing the “Cascade Du Saut-Gendarme”

Rhum J.M. and a quick stop almost at the top of Mount Pelee

Due to the fantastic weather, we almost didn’t take any pics at the mountain.

Our last day with Andrea and Andreas we felt like hiking at the south east coast side

FdF and honeymoon visitors Walli and Lutz from Germany

A video from FdF the week before carnival and the curfew still starting 8pm

Same place only a day later when the curfew was released to 10pm, finally so many people, yeahhhhh!

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