Impressions of Martinique

Information regarding the feature picture:

Those boats are called “Gommiers”. The boats are traditional Indian boats from the Caribbean, which at first neither had sail nor rudder. They were used for fishing and transport. It is said these are the oldest types of boats in Martinique. Gommier is a traditional boat, today built by using the same techniques as in the past.

Grande Anse de Saline (10.01-17.01)

IMG 6884
“Monte” with her crew Andrea and Gerhard  was her way to Anse Saline, here just passing Anse Meunier. We were stretching our legs along the beaches
IMG 9070
This fellow is amazing!!! He keeps walking up and down the beach the whole day just to offer his beautiful pareos. We kept seeing him so when passing him we always had a short greeting ritual. He said: “Bonjour Monsieur Dame” and we replied syncronal singing ” Bonjour Monsieur”
IMG 9073
We walked back to welcome the crew of Monte at Anse Saline, here we just had a quick walk around the corner to get an idea how it looks like a bit further south
IMG 9077
When the sun sets the tourist leave , the bars close and the beach is left to the sailors

IMG 5510
That was the trouble with closed bars, you need to bring your own beverages if you want to enjoy the sunset at the beach…

Another hike along the coastline “La Savanna des Pétrification”

IMG 9085
Not yet the savannah, but I liked the tidy agriculture just next to the beach
IMG 9087
Here some information for the French speaking readers
IMG 9088
El Capitano and the ocean
IMG 9090
IMG 9091
The petrification started
IMG 9092
IMG 9092
IMG 9093
The only foto I took of the savanna but I took this photo through my sunglasses😎
IMG 9096
Further on it looked like this
IMG 9097
More remote beaches
IMG 9098
And cheeky little birds trying to steal our picnic
IMG 9104
A stone men family
IMG 9105
Back after a 14km walk we treated us with a well deserved lunch- yummi

Grande Anse d’Arlet (19.01-22.01)

Saint Pierre (22.01-26.01)

A walk up the hill to  “Notre Dame du Bon Port” and a few more pics

Fort de France the capital (26.01.-28.01)

Schoelcher (28.01 – 07.01)

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