First Impressions of Martinique

and some last impressions of Saint Vincent, where we had a stop over to collect our missing laundry and just had a little stroll to the marina Blue Lagoon


Our sail to Martinique was nice but in the end we had to tack a lot as we couldn’t keep our planned course. Being very close haul the whole time and a strong current let us drift a little more west than we’d wished. At least that gave us a nice sail pass the famous “Rocher Du Diamant”.

Description of Anse Cafard Slave memorial:

“The memorial, which overlooks the sea, commemorates both the enslaved people who perished in a shipwreck off the coast of Martinique in 1830, and more generally, the tens of thousands of enslaved Africans who were taken to Martinique as part of the transatlantic slave trade. Arranged in a triangle the 15 stone figures are presented as abstracted, geometrized forms, stripping away any individualizing facial or bodily features. The figures face the ocean, leaning forward, their eyes cast downwards and their mouths open, as if vocalizing a scream.”

La Savane des Esclaves

Museum of local slavery history with huts and a Creole medicinal garden. It was interesting but somehow we did not take much pictures.


The Banana Museum in Sainte Marie.

The Banana Museum provides more than 60 different species of the 300 species recorded in the world. They all have of course different names I can”t remember one… here some random pics of some of them

Somebody run aground at the near by reef

this crazy guy just sailed through the reef in the anchorage
Norbert and some other sailors tried to pull the mast down to hopefully get the boat off the reef. It took two hours to get him off the ground.

Anchorage Sainte Anne

we took a long walk along the coast line and found, next to a beautiful scenery lots of funny creatures

the one-huge-armed crabs crowd

Grande Anse des Salines with Altimate

And another scenery walk further north the coast line

Back at Le Marin

due to the strike in Martinique the supermarket looked like this; very unfortunate for us

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