Impressions of St. David´s Harbour

We spent some days in the beautiful anchorage of St. David´s. The harbour which is just a bay, (it always confuses me when the anchorages are called “harbour” as it has absolutely nothing to do with a harbour we usually think of) lies in the south part of Grenada and is only a few miles east of Woburn bay, where we stayed when we arrived. I read, that many years ago, sailing ships would sail in the bay to load up on spices and produce bound for Europe. Difficult to imagine as it is now a very quiet and calm place with no site of a city whatsoever. Here some pics of the bay and some walks we had in the amazing surrounding green nature.

Sorry for the low quality of the pictures this time, but our apple computer died and we were only able to recover some of the recent pictures taken but only at a lower resolution than usual.

A lovely walk to “La Sagesse Nature Centre” just a bay to the east of St. David´s

A pretty little only 12-room hotel set in a gorgeous bay, with one of the longest and broadest palm-backed beaches in Grenada. So I read. It was indeed a very beautiful spot although it was sad to see that a huge construction area was spoiling the magic atmosphere of this hidden perl.

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