Impressions of Carriacou

Our first walk to Hillsborough along the beach and through the mangroves

walking along paradise beach (it is officially called like this, not my idea)
passing some sheds
and further to the mangroves
Pelicans and Laughing Gulls-I think, in the background again Sandy island
jumble of roots in the mangroves
this little fellow was willing to get pictured
a starfish?
ship wreck at the beach of Hillsborough bay
the inside of the wreck
the Grenadian people are very proud, the colour of their flag is painted everywhere
finally some concrete to reach Hillsborough
Carib beer ad
the one and only garage I guess on the island
a church at the beginning of Hillsborough
the view from our meanwhile favourite cafe in town “Kayak”

Some random pics

A walk to the other side of the island to Cassada Bay

Some more random pics

And here some little videos

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