Impressions of Anfi & Arguineguin

The walk to Arguineguin

the only pic I have so far from our new kayak🤷‍♀️, the long blue something next to the railing with the words “Aqualglide” upside down 😉

Our excursion

Some last random pics of Anfi

Our short sail to Playa de Veneguera

Leaving Gran Canaria

bye bye 👋
Norbert struggling with the pulling tuna
eventually the fish is exhausted and at it’s limits
the massacre of a skipjack tuna
acceleration zone sailing and a perfect vista through our new spray hood venyl 😁

Playa Blanca /Tenerife

not many pics as our two waterproof cameras are broken😥 and because of the swell we just swam to the beach

it does not look very bumpy but I can tell you it was!

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