Impressions of living with Covid 19

El Capitano with “Hugo” going home after buying groceries (upper pic) and emptiness everywhere…
in times of lock down
the beach next to the marina after
and before lock down

a few pics before we got stucked

a fisher cleaning fish at las Canteras beach
the sculpture at the park close to hotel Santa Catalina
an abandoned boat in the bay next to the marina
small waves at …
las Canteras side of Las Palmas
next to the Alfredo Kraus Auditorium
the big statue of ?
and a “thinker” at the promenade
Parque de Santa Catalina

what we do being stuck on the boat

having fun in the sun with
a Bavarian “Weisswürstchen” breakfast
baking bread from ” gofia” flour
not enjoying what we call “Corona – weather”
writing blog
queuing in front of a supermarket
and having fun with our in boat concert with Robbie Williams

3 thoughts on “Impressions of living with Covid 19

  1. Lynn Andrews

    Hi guys, sounds like you are adapting to corona confinement like the rest of us- but yes, you already have a year and half’s experience more than the rest of us! Here in lr the weather is beautiful but of course we cant go out and I miss the sea so much. The advantage is that I am not in Nantes and that we are here together. Another 2 weeks declared in France at least but we’re expecting this to go on till May 4th . We keep hearing of how Germany is managing the crisis so much better and fantastic reports that German hospitals are taking patients from hospitals in eastern France which is terribly badly affected. I wonder where your kids are at this time? Anyway good to know that you are ‘stuck’ in a good place! Lynn and Patrick xxxx

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  2. kathyfumc

    I also have quite a bit of practice isolating myself. But the uncertainty of not knowing when this may end is terrible. I do love your pictures. It looks so beautiful there. What is gofia flour??

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    1. Hi Kathy, a bit late, but at least…😉 Thank you so much for commenting!😘 Gofio flour is a typical flour from the Canaries and is the staple of its cuisine. The very fine flour mostly consists of roasted grain. It is used in all variations of Canarian cuisine and is one of the oldest surviving foods in the Canary Islands.T

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