Impressions of the trip Arrecife to Las Palmas

leaving marina Lanzarote
passing a monster ship
Playa Quemada, that was supposed to be our first anchorage , but due to uncomfortable winds, we only passed by
the anchorage Rubicón, in the back Playa Blanca
Playa Blanca
on the left side one can see the anchorage again
I did not know that un-mobile phones still exists
at the promenade to Playa Blanca, looking east…
and west
the beach of Playa Blanca
at the promenade in Playa Blanca
the anchorage at Isla de Lobos at sunset…
and here with a stand up paddler coming from Fuerteventura (in the background)
Preparing the anchor to leave Isla de Lobos
somewhere at the east coast of Fuerteventura
“Olli” our competitor 😁, we almost got him
Gran Tarajal, if you look sharp you can see Olli ahead
the black sandy beach; the sand does not look very black on the pic
Altimate, Olli left in the morning to stay in the harbour of Gran Tarajal; we actually met the crew ashore and had a quick chat
the village
sailing with only a little cloth
true wind speed 23.6 knots
enjoying the ride
passing Morro Jable at the south tip of Fuerteventura…
and the lighthouse

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