Impressions of Lanzarote

The marina Lanzarote
just another nice sunset at the lagoon in Arrecife
Holy Trinity – boat
the anchorage at the west side of the marina
some boring palm trees 😉
a huge wreck near the industrial harbour of Arrecife
a building in Arrecife, can’t recall what it was
some art, this sculpture is not made by Manrique
me at the ” peluqueria” a spontaneous move, but not very successful as the lady misunderstood my marvellous Spanish… the good thing is it’ll grow again
The surfer in action in La Santa
a typical windmill from earlier times; one day on our way to Ikea and Lidl
still on our way…the shore side and…
the coastal side, here a typical cruising ship ” Mein Schiff” or a similar one
the anchorage at the north east side of the marina …
passing the San José Castle
the view towards the marina
We had a quick lunch after the Manrique house at the plaza in Haría
and then we walked off to our bus station 7 or 8 km to Punta Mujeres at the south coast; we passed this sculpture
and this arc,
a little chapel
we found a cemetary
with a big entrance
and nice graves
we needed to cross this road to follow the path to the bus stop
Haría and some of the palms … 1000????
selfie time to take a small break
checking the route
walls to protect the grapevine
one of our projects; splicing a rope to the snubber (it diverts the force from the anchor chain from the anchor winch to a cleat)
crazy Paulyne and me with beautiful hair ribbon 😉
our seam project
and El Capitano in action
our treat after our successful job; hungry?
so excited, on our trip to go fishing
preparing the life baits for bottom fishing
the first fish we caught
some of the fishes we all caught that day
we could take home 7 of such nice filets; we shared them with other sailors on our platform and with Paulyne and Rob
the alameda of Arrecife
of course there is a street of this famous guy
the view of Arrecife downtown and “Iglesia de San Ginés” in the background
the lagoon looking to the other side
Ensenada de las Caletas, on our way to Costa Teguise
a cafe at the west end of Costa Teguise
finding the sunset walking south
with Paulyne, Rob and Tealey
having fun and
catching finally
the sunset
Tahiche roundabout, where we left the bus to visit the other Manrique house
just to get an impression of the rural area
where he built
his mansion
a try to get a better impression of the atmosphere of the house
after visiting Manrique in Tahiche we took a bus to reach the near by town of Teguise or La Villa as its known locally. It used to be the capital of Lanzarote before it moved to Arrecife in the mid 18th century
The town has some beautiful buildings,
cobbled streets
and places
and it seemed a lot of history
Iglesia de Nuestra Senora de Guadeloupe, if I remember right
finally we found a nice little resaturant
and back to the bus stop; the connection here was pretty regularly 👍 every two hours
an obelisk in the middle of a pedestrian street somewhere in Arrecife
our berth in the marina next to the wall and Altimate graced with colourful art 😁

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