Impressions of Madeira #3

Mummy and daddy strolling in town
the lighthouse at the most western end; Ponto do Pargo
the view to the east
a kitten enjoying being petted from Jana
fit and motivated to start the hike 😉
artful roofing tile (not the satellite dish)
beautiful clouds
everywhere kitten who want to be cuddled
the small village of Fontes
dangerous animals passing our way
proud to be up hill
and it got foggy
back in town
the tiny houses of Santana
a huge Levada in Funchal occupied by pigeons
our last impressions of Funchal
with a lot of x-mas decoration
and yammi…
a typical traffic sign in Madeira ; haven’t seen those anywhere else
somewhere in the alps
the scary and dangerous “Espada”
very sportive bathroom decoration
my new living room…; ok it’s my favourite cafe in Funchal

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