Impressions Porto Santo #2

us sitting at the marina bar next to the parking lot. It’s not always beach and palm trees, here concrete with palm trees :-); being busy with the blog
turn 180 degrees
the marina and the anchorage within the protected area
the marina from the west side; the daily Porto Santo ferry from Funchal in the left background
just a pretty plant at the sidewalk to Vila Baleira
our first painting; we need a lot of practice 🤪
so far so good, the wave looks a bit like a claw 🙄🤣
on our way to the church
and the little path with “pico” ? can’t recall
walking to Camacha the easy way
the restaurant “Torres” where we had our breaks
the passionfruit which they use at the bar for the juice
and more of the runway
walnut bread yummi, I’m soooooo proud
Peter, Andrea, Gerhard, Sabine , Norbert at Lady Charlyette
the entrance to the tunnel; it’s hard to see, down the way on the right
in the middle of the tunnel
yeah! she made it
discussion which direction to go
walking through the prickly plants
I managed to catch a sting, here trying to remove it; pooooor me
I know it does not look scary at all BUT it was!!!! For me at least. Don’t laugh
this looks a bit more dangerous
El capitano is doing what? in love with the cactus? Trying to taste it??
back at the church
we made it 💪
off we go
coastline Madeira
approaching Funchal
almost there
and the last meters…

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