Waiting for the kids in Lisbon

July 09 – July 17, 2019; 1038 nm and 117 days after departure from La Rochelle

Today the kids are coming. We are sooooooo excited! Right now they’re sitting in the plane and heading towards us 🤓. I almost can’t wait anymore!

Well, I was going to write a little bit about Lisbon. All in all we did not do that much so far. We were somehow more focused on getting the aft berth empty to have space on the boat for our visitors. Clean it all up and get a lot of provisioning so that we are free to sail and anchor anywhere we want and don’t have to bother about food and of course fluids.😉

suddenly somewhere in the city, a classical concert

Still we had some nice days in Lisbon. It sarted with a nice food tour to get to know the typical food and some sights of the town. We had a lot to eat, sweet and savory food and a chorizo flambé. That was nice to look at but much to heavy for our guts. So fat, espeacially after eating already so many sweet things, like e.g. the pastela nata. To make sure we can still walk home and don’t have to roll, our last stop was at a little bar where they serve the typical “Ginjinha”. That is a very sweet (again sweet) cherry licor,but it helped to make our stomag feel better again. 🤪 Luciana, our sweet brasilian guide did a good job! Thank you!

Ginjinha, cheers

We visited different quarters of the city and so far our favorite is Alfama. Probably because it reminded us of Porto which we loved so much. The marina “Parque das Nacōes” is located in the “Expo 1998″ area. It is a very modern new township. The theme of the Expo was ” The Oceans: A heritage for the future.” That’s why the architecture is connected to the theme. Some buildings e.g. look like cruising boats or sails or do remind in other ways of the ocean. Very impressive and a complete contrast to  the city’s old quarters.

Expo cover 🙂

Sunday evening after strolling around for hours and before finding a nice sushi restaurant we happen to get a glance of the tennis Wimbledon final through a bar window. We kept watching through the window as the game was incredibly exciting, the last minutes of a spectacular game. Ferdere against Djokivic. Other people followed us and the bar keeper offered us beer and seats outsides of the window on the narrow sidewalk. The cars passing us only centimeters from where we were sitting. He had a water damage and couldn’t let us in but took the opportunity at least to earn a little money this day. The game still took more than half an hour and by the end we were 12 people watching the match – from the outside. So funny!

Watch the score!
while watching the game

It is defnitely a great city, there is soooo much to see. Hopefully we can catch up a bit more with the kids.😊

Yesterday after our last marathon of cleaning and buying groceries our american boat neighbors here in the marina invited us for a drink. That was a very interesting evening. The couple spend already 9 years in and around Europe. They made river trips starting in the Netherlands through Germany ending in Turkey, absolutely fantastic! Another way of cruising.

… the plane landed the kids are approching, yeah!

2 thoughts on “Waiting for the kids in Lisbon

  1. chester35church


    It looks like you and your wife are having an adventure of a life time…I’m jealous.

    I had to drop you a note about the water lids you are taking pictures of on adventure….I love them!



    From: SY Altimate Reply-To: SY Altimate Date: Wednesday, July 17, 2019 at 9:08 AM To: Subject: [New post] Waiting for the kids in Lisbon

    syaltimate posted: “July 09 – July 17, 2019; 1038 nm and 116 days after departure from La Rochelle Today the kids are coming. We are sooooooo excited! Right now they’re sitting in the plane and heading towards us . I almost can’t wait anymore! Well, I was going to write a “


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