Endolphine & and flying

May 25 – Mai 26, 2019; 652 nm and 63 days after departure from La Rochelle

OMG what a ride! We had two unbelievable perfect sailing days. Downwind sailing with the swell pushing us and the sun warming our bodies. I think, that must be sailors delight as I can’t think of better conditions for sailing! 🙂 That is what I thought after a sweet day of sailing and a relaxed dinner at anchor at a scenic shelter for the night, called Camariñas.

I think , that was close to Camariñas

Early in the morning we left our anchorage in same weather, wind and wave conditions like the day before to pass the magic ” Capo Finisterra” to reach the Galicien Rías. Finisterre is the headland which has captured the imagination of navigators and land settlers for centuries. Named by the Romans as the end of the world (finis terra), it often marks the most significant stage of any sailor’s journey in this area. So true! 😉
We were just flying, even breaking our own speed record which we only exceeded a day before :-). You should know our dear Ovni is just not the fastest boat… With the waves helping us, we reached 11 knots ooooohhhhaaaaa. Usually we calculate 4 or 5 knots average for a leg and are happy when we reach our goal. Our average speed this time was 7 to 8 knots. Sweet! More than sweet!!! But not enough of excitement!

Just passing the “finis terra” our cute friends came back. Yes, the dolphines. And yes, it did mark a significant stage of our journey. :-). They spend, I don’t know, maybe an hour with us. It is just beyond words to me. I do get crazy about the dolphines! Yes! But they’re just sooo adorable. They make me even more happy than I already am :-). I do not stop smiling and it seems I do not stop talking about them! That was probably why El Capitano asked me after a reasonable period of time, if my “endolphines” are slowly calming down. 🙂 … but they are soooo sweet….

I hope the video is not too long, we cut it down from 40 mins footage to less than 3 mins and of course we’re not used to editing yet.

Well, yes, we arrived somewhere. Where was it? Ehhh,yes :-), it was in Ría Muros, in a beautiful bay named ” San Francisco”.

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