Gijón, Asturia

April 22 – April 28, 2019; 388 nm and 35 days after departure from La Rochelle

The people in Gijón love their “sidra” and we loved how they served it. So funny to watch. Why that? To get more air in the drink?! Amazing that they don’t spill half of it :-), thumbs up and it worked well, we always got our drink.
The city also reminded us a little bit of the Netherlands as the typical asturien shoe looks like dutch wooden clogs.

the wooden clog

This time we didn’t explore that much of the town. We were busy with repairing/renewing some smaller issues next to our daily business. (E.g.the water heater was leaking, we needed to do a lot of splicing on some ropes, fixing fasteners and other minor work).

That was the first time we realized that it is asolutely true – what we read in so many sailing books and blogs – that there is ALWAYS something to fix on a boat. I’m not talking about the projects which are still on our list and we keep procrastinating, I mean the ones which appear after one or two days of sailing or just by living on the boat and which can’t (or shouldn’t) be postponed. And, as you usually don’t find the right spare part you have to get creative. That is actually really nice, when you got the right idea ;-), before it gets annoying, finding a solution and then see the working results. Any questions on what I had in mind with that sentence, please comment in the comment section below ;-).

Still that didn’t mean we didn’t have fun or forgot about our social life. Though the marina was still empty we met some more liveaboards, french and irish families. It is always interesting to hear the stories of other sailors and their motivations. Or just see their boats catching one or two good ideas for your own boat which you hadn’t thought of. For us it has been amazing to see how many people are out there living on a boat! We are definitely not alone 🙂 .

hungry mailbox..don’t put your hand in


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