Projects, projects, projects – it makes you feel good!

La Rochelle – always beautiful

…especially when you’re fast proceeding on your goals. Since we got our shipment we’ve been really busy with all our boat and live-aboard projects which were and still are waiting on our list to be done.

With my rather new toy, the sewing machine, which I like playing with very much, I’m responsible for this kind of work. That means repairs like general restitching on canvas/webbings and sewing interior projects. I did some cuts to our bed sheets so they fit much better the mattresses which are more shaped like a triangle than a rectangle. This work was fun as I could enjoy the beautiful weather and watch the people while measuring and cutting the sheets on the boat bridge.:-)

ok, that was not on the boat bridge, but when I was sewing.

Meanwhile Norbert did great jobs on dismantling and remounting all of our antennas (I think we have 6! – VHF, AIS, 2 x GPS, WLAN, NAVTEX) and the wind generator. They were all built up on our arch.  First, it didn’t look very fancy as they are all in a different shape and second we need the space for the solar panels. That will look much better, beside of becoming more self sustaining on electrical power. More to come on this around the second half of November, when the aluminium mounting brackets with the solar panels will be installed by a local company. 

With all the antennas and wind generator
…and without

In between our busy days we still are able to enjoy La Rochelle. We improve our French in making friends with our boat neighbours and talking a lot while buying the nicest fresh food almost every morning on the farmers market.

Somestimes we make other people happy when we’re trying to get as much fenders as possible at once to a chantelier to get them refilled by using some bicycles as a transportation.;-)

This time with each of us two, but Norbert managed even 3! 🙂

Two weeks ago we were spoilt by a harbour festival with beautiful big old boats, art performance  and life music just next door to us – awesome! 🙂


The Pirates of Russia

One thought on “Projects, projects, projects – it makes you feel good!

  1. dianitagranda

    Awesome, I am surprised about the fenders. Aren’t they heavy?
    It is great that you are practicing your French and you get along really well with your neighbor.
    Keep playing with your beautiful toy☺️☺️☺️☺️. Please show me some pictures of the finished work when it is done (canvas/webbings and sewing interior projects)
    Big hugs for you guys.
    I hope that God bless you everywhere you go


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