Trip from les Glénand to Belle Ile

What a surprising cruise! We left after a good night of sleep and a strong wake up coffe and said goodbye to this beautiful little group of Islands.

We started off with a nice breeze of wind sailing hard to the wind for a couple of hours when the wind suddenly decided to disappear. This forced us to use the engine- not the way we like to cruise but at least our batteries were happy and they thanked us by being fully charged at the end of the day. My skipper, also famous for being an excellent cook 😋, served us a nice snack in the afternoon when some dolphins came around to say hello. We were so excited that we completely forgot to take some pics – but we enjoyed their company and they said they’ll come back another day for us to take some. 😉

Shortly after their visit we could feel a light breeze again so we tried to sail and were lucky enough to catch enough wind to sail the last 11 miles. It was a beautiful tack sail and we felt like real sailers😁. Only 1 mile left as “Karl-Otto”, our fishing pole ( we watered him in the morning) started to make this SOUND. ( The ones of you who are fishing know what I mean 😁). It makes you jump in a very exciting way and you can’t wait to see what you caught or if you caught something at all. But… Karl-Otto did indeed a good job 👍 we caught a nice pretty big fish. We still don’t know what it is – but who cares, we’ll find out!

We happily reached Belle ile and fixed Altimate at a buoy.

Today, Wednesday, we didn’t do much , we only did some provisioning , finding a place to make sure where we can watch soccer this afternoon and prepare to watch the germans win against south Korea- good luck to us!

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