Loup et bar 🐟

OMG ! There’s no need to comment our disastrously played football game! Even though we were very supportive.

Well hell, shit happens…

Frustratet we ate our beautiful unknown  fish and the world looked much better again. 😋 who the hell cares about football 😉

This is the only pic we took from our fish

The next morning we treated us with some delicious croissants, pains aux raisin and baguettes tradition ( yammi, vive la France) for our next trip to Ile Houat. It was a very pleasant sail ( 25 sm)  with only a few tacks. Just beautiful 😊.

Ile Hout is such a nice little island, we had a walk around and after talking to a nice guy and showing him the picture of our fish , he recognized it immediately as a “Loup” , also called a “Bar”. So now we know what we ate 😁.

Today we are just being lazy, having a little swim, sun bath, food …

  • Here some impressions:

A sunset is always nice

One of the beaches at Ile Houat

Outside Galerie

A sailers dream to RIP

Another amazing beach…
And, of course Altimate again 😁

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